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| June 11, 2008

Reader’s Question:

In Kansas, how long do tickets like DUI and accidents stay on your file and affect your auto insurance rate?


Wichita, KS

Traffic violations and accidents in Kansas stay on a driving record for 3 years for minor violations and 5 years for major violations. An offenses for driving under the influence (DUI) stays on a individual’s driving record for life.

In Kansas, there is a limit to the amount of violations an individual can receive before they lose their driving privileges. Three major violations like DUI within a five year period will result in a three year driver’s license revocation. With three minor moving offenses will get motorist a warning letter. If you were to be convicted of four minor moving offenses it is a 30 day restriction, five minor violations is a 90 day suspension and 6 minor moving violations results in a one year suspension.

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